Chantereyne Cherbourg marina


Cherbourg marina

The largest nautical stadium of Europe

Started under Louis XVI and finished under Napoléon III, the outer harbour walls of Cherbourg make the largest artificial harbour in Europe, with an approximate area of 1500 hectares. The construction is impressive in its scale and was one of the largest of its time. In all, the three harbour walls are over 6 kilometres long and have three forts: the western, central, and eastern which is connected to the Pelée Island.  The harbour shelters four ports with numerous activities: a marina, commercial port, passenger transport, fishing harbour and naval port.
It is an exceptional recreation ground for sailboats.  As an arena for regular regattas during the week and at weekends, an arrival and departure point of major races, Cherbourg marina is a huge nautical stadium, navigable 365 days a year.